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Building Societies play a vital role in our financial landscape, fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and addressing common challenges. At AJC, we recognise the importance of this sector and are committed to supporting Building Societies in their journey towards greater security, resilience, and success.
Building Trust Through Personal Recommendations

In the world of Building Societies, reputation is everything. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are paramount, driving growth and cultivating trust within the community. AJC has witnessed our Building Society business flourish year-on-year through these personal endorsements, highlighting the value of trusted partnerships and collaborative efforts.

SWIFT Audits: Ensuring Compliance and Security

Many Building Societies first encounter AJC in the context of SWIFT Audits. As one of the leading platform-independent SWIFT auditors, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Our agile and cost-effective approach, coupled with the use of experienced consultants, ensures thorough assessments and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each Society.

AJC provides a comprehensive three-stage service, designed to simplify compliance for Building Societies year-round. From attestation readiness to assessment ‘after-care,’ we ensure your compliance needs are met at every stage. Our experienced consultants offer assistance in remediating non-compliance areas, guiding you through the certification process to ensure your systems meet required standards.

To find out more about our SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) Attestation Services, click here.

Read our case study which demonstrates AJC’s expertise in guiding one of our Building Society clients through the complex landscape of SWIFT compliance.

Cyber Security Solutions for Specific Needs

Driven by our pragmatic and professional approach, several Building Society clients have expanded the range of services they utilise from AJC. From virtual-CISO (Chief Information Security Office) support to independently-run Business Continuity exercises, we offer a spectrum of solutions designed to address the evolving challenges faced by Societies while respecting budget constraints and offering alternate opportunities for growth.

​​AJC offers a range of cyber security services to help organisations strengthen their defences. From independent reviews of cyber safeguards to expert guidance on cyber security plans and policies, we provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Our experienced team can also step in as Data Protection Officers and offer expert commentary to navigate cyber security incidents effectively. With our services, you can ensure robust cyber security measures without the expense of hiring a full-time employee.

Navigating Regulatory Demands: Adapting to Evolving Legislation

The evolving landscape of data protection legislation and increasing regulatory demands require innovative solutions beyond traditional disaster recovery methods. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) specialise in developing resilient strategies tailored to the unique requirements of Building Societies, helping navigate the complexities of SaaS solutions and cloud-hosted systems.

Managing Third-Party Risks: Strengthening Defences

In an era where cyber attacks are on the rise, the infiltration of small third-party solutions has emerged as a significant threat. AJC offers a range of Supplier Risk Management solutions to help Building Societies mitigate these risks, providing tools and services to enhance security and protect against potential breaches.

Looking Ahead: Embracing Collaboration and Innovation

As we look towards the future, AJC remains committed to supporting Building Societies in overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities for growth and resilience. We eagerly anticipate gaining further insights at this year’s BSA conference and are excited to continue our journey alongside our valued partners in the Building Society sector.

Partnering for Success

In a rapidly evolving landscape, collaboration and innovation are key to success. At AJC, we stand ready to support Building Societies in their mission to enhance security, resilience, and prosperity. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient future for all.

AJC’s Consultant, Geoff Poulter, will be attending the BSA conference. If anyone would like to connect with him either beforehand or at the conference itself, please do so via LinkedIn or email him at:

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