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Fraud Prevention

Organisations face significant new challenges when it comes to proactively managing fraud risk in today’s global economy. Fraud is on the rise across the world, putting many companies out of pocket and in some cases even out of business.

We know that the potential cost of fraud to your business can extend beyond your bottom line, it can impact your people, culture and ultimately your reputation. In addition, the interest of government and regulators in stopping fraud means that no organisation can afford to be complacent about its approach to tackling fraud.

AJC is here to support you in the prevention, detection, and response to instances of fraud. We aid organisations in pinpointing significant fraud risks, evaluating both internal and external control measures, advising on training needs, and constructing fraud risk frameworks.

How AJC Can Help

AJC helps clients from a broad range of organisations, in many different sectors, assess and manage risk, build resilience to maximise outcomes and together address the challenge of the ever evolving fraud landscape.

We are trusted by our clients to work with them to make important decisions quickly and proportionately. Our team of experienced professionals have the insights and expertise to deliver a solution that has meaning, substance and offers value for money.

Every situation is tackled with AJC’s honest, clear and practical approach. We guide our clients with clarity and
confidence, empowering them to make the decisions and take the step to protect and strengthen their organisations from the threat of fraud.

£1.17 billion in 2023*

Financial fraud losses in the UK (a total of authorised and unauthorised fraud). *Source UK Finance.

AJC's Services

We can help you assess your fraud risks enabling you to make good business decisions. Knowing where you are vulnerable also helps you to more effectively prevent fraud and reduce its impacts.

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“Using AJC’s significant experience within payments and acquiring gives all payments companies the cutting edge in understanding their risks but more importantly how to manage that risk. AJC’s knowledge of card scheme requirements and guidance in managing this landscape is vital to all payments companies.”

Tom Pilling, Trust Payments

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