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Cyber Security

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, there has been an enormous increase in the use of internet-based services and electronic communication for client services.

This has been a material shift to an ever increasing use of Cloud services and SaaS solutions. Occasional remote working has been replaced with continuous hybrid working. This rapid digital transformation has brought about an increase in both the prevalence and complexity of cybercrime.

Cyber attacks can disrupt your systems and network, compromise accounts, and cause data protection breaches. These reduce your ability to deliver for your clients, damage your reputation and undermine client confidence. Significant financial fines are also now imposed for GDPR data breaches.

How AJC can help

AJC helps clients from a broad range of organisations, in many different sectors, assess and manage risk, build resilience to maximise outcomes and together address contemporary challenges, like cybercrime.

We are trusted by our clients to work with them to make important decisions quickly and proportionately. Our team of experienced professionals will understand the intricacies of each situation and have the insights and expertise to deliver a solution that has meaning, substance and offers value for money.

Every situation is tackled with AJC’s honest, clear and practical approach. We guide our clients with clarity and confidence, empowering them to make the decisions and take the steps to protect and strengthen their organisations.


of our clients have experienced cyber attacks over the last 10 years.

AJC's Services

We can help you keep your business safe from cyber attacks and provide comfort that your technology is secure

Cyber security


We turned to A Jolly Consulting to assist us with a broad range of compliance challenges we face as an organisation – including FCA, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and others.

A structured process was suggested, supported by a team of experienced and well-qualified consultants. Their professional guidance and knowledge transfer ensured that we have a clear path through maintaining our current certifications and extending our compliance in areas relevant to our needs.

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