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Proactively preparing organisations.


Resilience Services

We help organisations meet ISO22301 and ensure business continuity by investigating potential weaknesses and putting in place policies, procedures and governance at all staff levels. Supported by training, awareness and testing.


Resilience Health check

Generic health check of an organisation’s Resilience planning, including but not limited to testing, governance, strategy, third parties etc.

  • Formal report including recommendations and identification of areas of non-compliance

Resilience Documentation

Review of existing Resilience plans and documentation and/or creation of required documents.

  • Formal report including recommendations 

  • Policies/procedures


Review of existing Resilience governance or creation/design of all structures including relevant documentation.

  • Formal report including recommendations 

  • Terms of reference

Training and Awareness

AJC can design and deliver bespoke training for organisations from Executive to all staff levels.

  • Training material

  • Tests (if required)


Design and delivery of a variety of bespoke tests, including but not limited to:
• Loss of critical systems or power
• Loss of power
• Walk-through exercise
• Crisis communication
• Executive desktop scenario

  • Test scope

  • Full test results

  • Recommendations
    for improvement

ISO22301 Accreditation

We have in-depth experience of taking organisations to full compliance with services such as; Pre-assessment audit, Health check to review an organisation’s status against requirements, Remote/on-site support.

  • Formal report including
    recommendations and
    identification of areas of



Review and/or creation of bespoke communication scripts

  • Communication scripts



Working with a maturing organisation, AJC identified the requirement to formalise a Business Continuity Plan. The scope of work included defining the strategy, policy establishment, plans as well as testing strategy. The strategy was both fit for purpose and proportionate given the scale of the company.

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