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Ensuring compliancy with the latest data protection laws.


GDPR Services

An area we’ve worked extensively in, for many large national organisations, we ensure your compliancy with the latest data protection laws through self-service materials, health checks and audits, or the delivery of all, or elements of, a GDPR compliance framework.


GDPR Self-service

Provision of material for an organisation to assist them in meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Service will include two one-hour calls to talk through the material.

  • 12 Presentations 

  • Data catalogue templates

  • 2 x 1 hour calls

GDPR Health check

On-site analysis of an organisation’s adherence to GDPR regulation. This will include analysis, production of an action list and provision of some required documentation.

  • Data Inventory template

  • GDPR playbook

  • Minutes and Actions

  • Documentation

GDPR Programme delivery/or elements of 

Dependent on client requirement, we can deliver all or elements of a GDPR compliance framework. 

  • Project documentation 

  • Policies/procedures as

Training and Awareness

AJC can design and deliver bespoke training for organisations from Executive to all staff levels.

  • Training material

  • Tests (if required)

GDPR Audit

Audit of an organisation’s compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation. This can be all or part of the programme depending on the organisation’s requirement.

  • Formal report including recommendations and identification of areas of non-compliance

Remote DPO Service

Provision of a remote Data Protection Officer. Minimum of 2 days a month (one on-site/
one off). Service can include but not limited to:
• Remote support
• Design of Framework
• Incident Management
• Audit of processes 
• Technical advice    
• Review and update policies       

  • Quarterly reports



AJC worked with a number of organisations in the Entertainment/Sporting Industry. This included mapping the requirements of the regulation to the organisation and defining a programme of work. AJC then managed the programme of work including the production of governance structure, documentation, policy, procedures and awareness sessions. They have subsequently been employed as a remote Data Protection Officer to ensure the organisations continue to meet the requirements of the regulation.

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