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We are delighted to announce that AJC has won the award for Best Corporate Resilience Consultancy in this year’s Corporate Vision Security Awards, which celebrate the outstanding contributions of security leaders, influencers, consultants and educators who are helping to shape the future of the industry.

The security industry, known for its dynamism and innovation, continuously adapts to the challenges of the digital age. Security professionals tirelessly safeguard assets, information, and people from cyber-attacks, physical threats, data breaches, and identity theft.

In our technology-driven world, robust safety measures are essential. Whether through online protection services or on-site security solutions, these measures must leverage recent advancements while remaining focused on their primary goal: ensuring safety.

The Security Awards 2024

The Security Awards 2024 is a prestigious awards programme that recognises and honours the best of the best in the security industry. These awards aim to showcase the achievements, innovations and excellence of security firms, teams, and individuals across the globe.

Featured in this year’s Security Awards are companies who flawlessly strike this balance, and even transcend what’s expected of them. The Security Awards recognise businesses that work tirelessly to create a safe and secure world for us throughout our everyday lives.

To see this year’s winners, including AJC, click here.

Recognising the Best in the Security Industry

Whether tackling cyber protection threats or ensuring commercial security, the winners featured in 2024’s Security Awards programme have long since set their sights on providing unyielding protection, and they have undeniably gone above and beyond to do so. 

Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson expressed her delight for the winners of the awards this year, “Each year, it seems as though more and more methods of invading one’s privacy have come to light. Thankfully, this year’s winners have demonstrated a knack for navigating these threats, and have devised solutions to mitigate them before they arise. It was a great pleasure to work with some of the best of the best in security this year, and I look forward to hearing what our winners get up to in the future.”

AJC’s Cyber Security Services

The industry today is undergoing rapid changes, and whether as a result of regulation or consumer trends, we understand how important it is for AJC to stay abreast of these developments in order to continuously streamline our offering and put our clients in the best possible position to navigate these challenges with equal success. 

Adrian Jolly, Founder of AJC responded to winning the Best Corporate Resilience Consultancy award by saying, “Business resilience is not industry specific; it affects us all. Our client base continues to grow and diversify, just as we at AJC do. By focusing on providing positive outcomes for clients, I am confident in our team’s ability to bring an honest, clear, and practical approach every time. Our cross-disciplined team understands the intricacies of each situation and has the insights and expertise to deliver solutions that have meaning, substance, and value.” 

To find out more about AJC’s Cyber Security services, click here.

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