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Our vision is that for every challenge a client faces, AJC will provide a bespoke solution that provides tangible value and comfort, rather than undertaking a superficial exercise in box-ticking governance. Working together, we will enable our clients to address the most complex issues of our time.


It is our mission to help our clients enhance the security and resilience of their organisations by providing them with practical and proportionate advice and delivering solutions to challenges that offer meaning, substance and value.

Core Values

At AJC we live by our values. Our values describe the essence of our organisation, and the reasons why we do everything that we do. 


Solving problems for the organisations we work with begins with a genuine understanding of the situations they face, plus the extensive knowledge of our experienced practitioners. Our specialists bring the knowledge, experience and skills needed to tackle difficult situations, creating resilience and truly tangible outcomes for clients.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We act with uncompromising transparency and integrity in everything we do. We make decisions based on professional standards and always recommend the right course of action, regardless of the consequences. Our clients know they can depend on us to always deliver and always have their best interests at heart.


We believe in the power of working together. We work cooperatively with our clients and recognise we are better working together as a team. We know the importance of listening, of not being judgemental and making sure we always have open communication channels. By investing in long-term relationships with our clients, the work we deliver is more meaningful and provides greater value to our clients. 


We address and approach every challenge holistically. We will always act in the interests of our clients and advise with a calculated, deliberate and balanced response. We’re clear with our clients about the options and possible outcomes. Our advice is no-nonsense. We speak openly and in plain English, so our clients always know where they stand and the decisions they need to make.


All businesses hit obstacles that can feel overwhelming. In difficult circumstances we remain level-headed so that we can respond to problems and offer the best advice, rather than simply react. In high pressure situations we provide the exact information a client needs to make the right decisions. We aim to inspire confidence by remaining calm under pressure so that we can empower our clients to do the same. 


We are not tied to a corporate way of doing things. Our organisational structure allows us to be adaptable and enables us to respond quickly and meaningfully to our clients’ needs. For every challenge a client faces, we remain agile and will provide a bespoke solution that provides real value and comfort, rather than undertaking an exercise in box-ticking governance.

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